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AspireSite Cloud Load Balancing

On-demand, scalable traffic management

Spikes in online traffic can bring your website to a crawl costing your business customers, sales, leads, or worse your reputation. Sure, your website is still “up”, but it is unusable for your visitors.

By implementing AspireSite Cloud Load Balancers, you can easily manage traffic by distributing the traffic across multiple servers. By preventing any one server from overload, you can be rest assured that your website will be able to serve its content.

Cloud Load Balancing

Dedicated IP Address

Each load balancer is assigned an IP address that remains static while the load balancer is in use.
Cloud Load Balancing

Supports SSL Termination

Offloads public key encryption and decryption, and provides HTTP to HTTPS redirect to help secure transactions.
Cloud Load Balancing

Built-In High Availability

One load balancer is all you need for high availability